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Atlanta Derrick, 250 Ton Industrial Brownhoist Crane

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This Web Page is Dedicated to all the hard working Carmen, that worked on the Southern Railway, Atlanta Derrick over the years, some of whom are no longer with us in body, but will remain with us in spirit.               The Derrick is gone now as well. One thing is for sure.   "You can take the man off the Derrick but you can't take the Derrick out of the man."

Photo of the Atlanta Derrick

The photographs on this page were sent to us by Carman David, who was the last Derrick Engineer and he held that position for many years. Hopefully he will send us some descriptions to add to the photo's so we will know when and where, they were taken and what was going on. I personally followed the Derrick for a a good many years, but I dont think I was there when these were taken. I will for now just post some of the photo's and work on this page more this week.

Photo of the Atlanta Derrick, with Engineer David operating all the bells and whistles

We invite you to look at our Photo Album by clicking the button below. Please give the pictures a minute to load. New photos will be aded when they are received, so check back often.

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