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Faces of Friends and Associates

Excuse my Camera, It doesn't do too good indoors.
Some Pictures didn't come out at all

Most of these photo's, were takem by me, with a Sony Cybershot P-72 Digital Camera. It does a great job out doors, but indoors leaves something to be desired. If anyone objects to their photo on this Web Site, I will remove it with my appologies, and no hard feelings. If any one wishes to contribute a substitute photo, I can handle that as well. Most of these people, I have known for many years, there were only a couple my weak old memory had trouble with on the names. If your picture isn't here, it's simply because I didnt have one suitable to place here. This page will be updated, and added to.--------Walter

12-20-2007 PAGE UPDATED:  and numerous photos added. My old memory is getting worse, because some of your names eludes me. If I was able to remember it, I added it. Do not take notice, if I either spelled your name wrong, or forgot it all together. Im not the brightest, when it comes to names.

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                 Photo of Kenny Terry                              Photo of Gene (PePe) Clarke

                              Kenny Terry                                                          Gene (PePe) Clarke

                 Steve Collier (Cuz)                              Photo of Tom Mayes

                              Steve (Cuz) Collier                                                      Tom Mayes

                 Photo of Jerry Rucker                               Photo of (Salt) O.R. Harris

                           Jerry Rucker                                                                 (Salt) O.R. Harris

                 Bruce Barber                               David Rickman

                           Bruce Barber                                                                   David Rickman

                 Mike                               Walter and David

                           Mike Soulis                                                                   Walter and David

                 Jim Hyatt talking to (Shorty) Simmons                               Greg Reed presenting Jim Hyatt with a retirement gift

                     Jim Hyatt talking to a friend                                           Greg Reed and Jim Hyatt

                     Bennie Ledford (Mop)                                             Steve Dowd

                             Bennie Ledford (Mop)                                                                         Steve Dowd

                     M.P. Beasley                                             Photo of John Cobb

                                   M.P. Beasley                                                                                   John Cobb

                     Turtle Smith                                             Anthony McGuire

                                      Turtle Smith                                                                             Anthony McGuire

                     Photo of Joe Ricks                                             Jimmy Roberts and Cuz

                                      Joe Ricks                                                                         Jimmy Roberts and "Cuz"

                     Photo of Randy West and Wife                                             David and Kathy Ellington

                            Randy West and Wife                                                            David and Kathy Ellington"

                     Photo of Walter Parks                                             Mark Daniels

                                  Walter Parks                                                                           Mark Daniels

                    Photo of E.W. Edins                                             H.L. Bailey

                                  E.W. Edins                                                                                 H.L. Bailey

                 James Ellis                                                     JG Vance

                              James Ellis                                                                                    JG Vance

                 (Pepe) Eugene Clarke                                                   JB Hodson

                              PePe Eugene Clarke                                                                    JB Hodson

                 Louis Gaddis                                                   Greg Reed

                              Louis Gaddis                                                                                 Greg Reed

                 Frank Vandevander                                                   Tim Gill

                       Frank Vandevander                                                                         Tim Gill

                 Bennie Peterson, Track Supervisor                                               David Russel and Grandbaby

                              Benny Peterson                                                                           David Russel

                 Ted Lewis                                              Gene Wood

                              Ted Lewis                                                                            Gene Wood

                 Steve Dowd                                                   Robert Willis

                         Steve Dowd                                                                                Robert Willis

                 Harold Bailey                                             Jack Lee

                              Harold Bailey                                                                            Jack Lee

                 Benny Ray Huckaby, we can see Santa Clause has nothing on him                                          Jim Hyatt, Read his stories on the site, under Carman Jim Link on Home page

                      Benny Ray Huckaby                                                                           Jimmy Hyatt

                 Mr Wells                                               Mark Winfrey

                      Mr. ? Wells                                                                           Mark Winfrey

                 Brad ?                              Kenny Terry

                              Brad ?                                                                        kenny Terry

                 David Sosebee                                                   Turtle Smith

                    David Sosebee                                                                        Turtle Smith

                 Juan lopez                                            BOB Lassider

                              Juan lopez                                                                            BOB Lassider

                 Walter Padgent                                        Ben Cole

                              Walter Padgent                                                                        Ben Cole

                 DMMO__Scott Kershaw                                      Dion Reeves

                      DMMO--Scott Kershaw                                                                 Dion Reeves

                 Herdy Lawerance                                       EL Terry

                              Herdy Lawerance                                                                       EL Terry

                 JJ Daniels                          Mark Jackson

                              JJ Daniels                                                                                     Mark Jackson

                 ?                                   ?

                              ?????????                                                                                     ???????

                 Chris Moss                                            Nathaniel Edwards

                              Chris Moss                                                                       Nathaniel Edwards

                 Zack Smith                                     ?

                              Zack Smith                                                                                     ???????

                 Chris Moss                                           Cecil Jasper

                              Chris Moss                                                                           Cecil Jasper

                 Jimmy Roberts--May He Rest In Peace                                   Smiley and Dion Reeves,  they kinda look like brothers, dont they.

                 The Late, Jimmy Roberts                                         (Smiley) Harry Darden and Dion Reeves

                 Jack Lee and Mark Daniels                                  Last but not least lil ol me, Walter Parks

                  Jack Lee and Mark Daniels                                                     Walter Parks

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by Walter Parks, "Carknocker" and Retired Railway Carman: