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This page is where some of the Photo's previously Used, and pictures yet to be used, on this Web Site, are stored. Some, I had thought were lost, and reciently located on my server. To tell the truth, the Carknockers liable to store a lot of photos here eventually. Just click the Links listed to view photo's.

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If you see you picture on this web site and prefer it not be here, I have no problem about removing it. If your picture is on this web site, and you prefer it to use your proper name, That can be remedied as well. There is an Email button on the home page that is rarely used by most of you. Just click it and let me know.

UPDATE: Its 2009 now, and I am finally back at working on this site, after an extensive period of slacking off. (Where has the time gone. I have spent 4 years creating this Web Site, (Half of which was "Slacking Off". or "Spot Time"), and beieve me it hard work straining my brain like that, LOL. I do appreciate the occasional compliments I receive. Some how it makes it seem worth it all. I guess we could refer to this page as my junk room, or closet. where you stick stuff to good to throw out, or you just havent figured out where to use it yet.

Featured Carmen photo
Left To Right
Bruce Barber, Jimmy Reed, Phil Jenkins, Eugene Clarke,
Chris Waldrop, Mike Anderson, ?, Dennis Baker, H.L. Bailey
Click To enlarge photo

Featured Carmen photo
Some People know how to live Retired Life
Tim and Rena at Key West

Featured Carmen photo Featured Carmen photo Featured Carmen photo Featured Carmen photo Featured Carmen photo Featured Carmen photo Featured Carmen photo

Some Brother Carmen-Salt, Bruce, Jimmy Roberts, and Cuz

Brother Randy and Better Half

Mike and David

Jim Hyatt Retirement Cake

Photo of Silo's at Milner Milling Co.

Small Picture of one of my Railroad Lanterns

Another Lantern Picture

Caboose at Forsyth, Ga.

Rear Deck of Forsyth Caboose with Museum Host Standing.

Forsyth Caboose Picture 3

Caboose -- Southern X744 at Williamson, Ga.

My Friend Charley and his wife--(He was a Penn. Central, and Conrail Carman

Charley sent me this, Penn. Central Derrick Photo

Another of Charles Derrick Photos

Locomotive Parked in Engine Track at Griffin, Ga.

Locomotive Parked in Engine Track at Griffin, Ga.

Photo Of Angela Parks
Above is an example of, Multi Tasking at it's utmost extreme. Occasionally when my daughter is home for the week end, I have to relinquish my seat at the computer. Here Angela, who is in her third year at Georgia State University, is demonstrating to me, how to multi task. Some how she can, do her Psychology homework, send Instant Messages to at least three friends, eat a four course snack, listen to the Stereo, and carry on a conversation with me, about her not liking her picture taken, all at the same time. I just stand back in amazement. I tell her to not get my keyboard full of crumbs, and walk away. I sure wouldn't want to distract her. LOL

Rock Quarry at Stockbridge Ga.
Click Photo to Enlarge

This Photo was on the home page, but has been archived here for now. It was removed because it seemed to make my page load too slow. Its a large picture. Also in this picture, is Carman B G Brown. He is the one in the back row left hand side standing behind the instructor John Clark. The Carknocker is the one kneeling down in the front row on the left right next to John Clark.

Rock Quarry at Stockbridge Ga.
Click to enlarge

This is a picture of a Rock Quarry in Stockbridge Georgia. The picture, really does not show how big it is, untill you realize that the pieces of equipment, down in the bottom is a crane and a big earth mover. I repaired railcars there for years and had never been to actually seen the quarry. When, I finally got around to driving back in the quarry to see it, I was shocked to see such a big hole in the ground. Not many people have seen it, without an air plane. A lot of the rock removed from this quarry has been hauled out by rail, to use as road bed for the railroads.

Photo of Southbound Train
Click to enlarge

I snapped this photo of a South Bound N.S. Train, from the bridge at North Conley Ga. I was watching him by, to check on the condition of a reported shifted load of lumber. (Inspecting his train on the fly) I watched the load of lumber pass and determined it was ok to keep going and I radioed the Engineer and told him, he could High Ball it on to Macon. They speeded up and in no time was clean out of sight.

Click to enlarge

I took this photo of a Southbound from Track 1 at South Yard Ga.

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