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Please give the pictures time to load, because there are a lot of them. It's kind of ironic that I, a Carman who worked the Cab Track for a couple of years, would be building this site. I used to work these same Cabooses all lined up in one track. They will never be lined up in a Cab Track again, but I can still line them up on this web site.

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Photo of Southern Caboose X744 at Williamson Ga. in their Memorial Park Photo of Southern Caboose X744 at Williamson, Ga.
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This Southern Railway Caboose, now sits in its final resting place in a little town called Williamson Ga. (Thats a few miles southwest of Griffin, Ga. on Highway 362.) Williamson was on the old M-Line that ran southwest, from McDonough Ga. all the way to Columbus Ga. and beyond. The last run Norfolk Southern made on the M-line, before the track was completely removed, was a run from Griffin, Ga. to deliver this Caboose to give to the city of Williamson. Several of the towns more lucky citizens rode the Caboose on the trip from Griffin to their quaint little comunity.

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Photo of Caboose Photo of Caboose.
Photo of Caboose Photo of Caboose
Photo of Caboose Photo of Caboose.
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The above six pictures are of the Caboose, that is sitting behind the Old Central Of Georgia Railroad Depot in Forsyth Ga. It is marked as a Central Caboose for reasons of authenticity, but it is in fact an old Norfolk and Western Caboose. The old Coal Stove is an actual Central Of Georgia Stove. The Old Depot is owned now and ran as a local historical museum. They have a lot of items on display and they will be happy to show you the place. The man you see on the back of the Cab is Mr. Buddy Mitchel, who is one of the people who helps run the place. If you are intrested in old depots and railroad history, it would be well woth you time to visit the place. Tell them the Carknocker sent you.

Photo of Caboose Photo of Caboose.
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Here is a couple of photo's of the Sou X471 Caboose that sits by the Old Central of Ga. Depot in downtown Barnesville Ga. The old depot is part of their historical setup as well and it apears to have been restored to original condition. It is well worth you time to see it. The Caboose was the best condition, and most well maintained, of any I photographed lately.

Photo of Southern Caboose Photo of Southern Caboose.
Photo of Southern Caboose at Milner Ga.
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These three pictures are of the Sou X383 Caboose that sits in a little park next to the Norfolk Southern Mainline (Old Central Line) that runs through the thriving metropolis of Milner Ga. If your ever driving through this town, obey the speed limit, because they have a Policeman there, that I refer to as Barney Fife, and I assure you, he will give you a ticket.

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