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Art Work by Walter Parks

Created by The Carknocker 11-07-2005, updated 1-22-2008

The Graphics of Railroad Art on this page were created by me using Microsoft paint. They are of fictional things from my mind. In other words, I just made them up. Don't be too critical of my railcar design, as some of the details, may be a little out of kilter. I know just about everything there is to know about railcars, im just not too hot using Microsoft Paint. I save the drawings as a JPG format, and upload them, but they are loosing a lot of their quality in the uploading process. Who knows, I may yet figure out how to use the Paint Program properly. The choice of colors it offers sure leaves a lot to be desired. I am perhaps, in my second childhood. This time im coloring with a computer, rather than the standard coloring books, I used in my first childhood. LOL    I am open to helpfull suggestions from anyone regarding this page.

Image of microsoft paint drawing of a CabooseX744

Drawing of the old Atlanta Derrick, with its boom up.

To see the 1024 by 768 image, just click here,
But remember to click the picture again when its bigger, to make it full size.
1024-768 Image 
1024-768 Image Differant Version

January-12-2008: Well so far, I have at least 16 hours invested in doing these drawings. It requires, a lot of copy and paste, and a lot of cropping pictures along with, all the drawing, you have to do, to come up with the final product. I spent, a great deal of time, hand scetching the trucks, under the derrick. All the pictures, I had to refer to were much to dark, so I basically guessed, what they look like. Actually, you never really get done, you just quit, and say your done. I still have more to do on these, but Im putting them to use now. This one makes a good wallpaper, for computer desktop backgrounds. These are put on my web site as PNG images, but I also have the BMP versions, which are larger files, if anyone, want that version Email me. I have it in 800-600 and 1024-768.

Drawing of the old Atlanta Derrick, now gone to the big wreck in the sky

January 11 2008: This is my first use of a drawing, I created of the Old Atlanta Derrick. I am still refining the final product, (I have hours invested in it so far), but it is now part of my imaginary, rolling stock. While my knowledge of car design is good, my abilities using microsoft pain isnt so hot, so dont be too critical of my drawing. I think it does closely resemble the Derrick, and Boom Car. For those who are not familiar, with it, the Atlanta Derrick, was an Industrial Brownhoist 250 Ton Crane, which I assume, is now gone to the Scrap Yard.

JPG Image of microsoft paint drawing of a Carknocker BO Tag on a carside

This is something you might see on the side of a BoxCar in the Carknocker Trainyard. During my Career I stuck a ton of these on Bad Order Railcars. Now I am sticking them on imaginary cars with Microsoft paint.

Photo of microsoft paint drawing of two locomitives rammed into each other

This if just my silly drawing, that I sat and did this afternoon, 12-24-2007. I definately have idle time on my hands, but since I did it, I might as well post it.

Collection of Emblems and flags, representing some of the many things, I have been associated with, in my live.  Compiled into a conglomeration, resembling, a Steam Engine.

This is collection of pictures of various symbols, and Emblems, representing just some of the things, I have been associated with in my life. I combined all the photos, into one place and just tinkered with it a while, with Microsoft Paint. "Kinda resembles a Steam Engine." The 747 is for my Company in Navy Bootcamp. There is an old style Georgia Flag, an American Flag, and a US Navy Flag. There is a Boy Scout Emblem, several Railroad and Union Emblems,. There are some Hurricane flags, for my old Drum and Bugle Corps, and a Locomotive and Caboose, to represent all the Hundreds of Locomotives and Cabooses, that I worked on and rerailed for 34 years. OH, there is also a Navy Jack Flag, and Diverdown flag, to remind me of when I used to Scuba Dive. There are more things, I could probably add, but I ran out of pictures to stick in it. Basically, this Art Work. just proves, old Carknockers, never stop tinkering. Drawing created 12-19-2007.

Carknockers Art Drawing of a Tank Car Pump Station

This drawing, began as a short section of track with a Blue Flag on it. I added the building and everything around the track drawing. All that drawing and the track was too low, so I bent the track a little to line up with the building. LOL

Drawing of an imaginary Tank Car

This was one of my failures and the first drawing I created. It has a major flaw in car design. If your a Car Inspector, you can most likely see it. If not, I will give you a small hint. You could never couple it to another car. Oh well, I did too much drawing to chuck it, so im posting it as is. I was drawing and thought it looked odd. If you realize a wheel is either 33 or 36 inchs high, then the coupler height must be around a foot too high LOL.

Herby Drawing

If you an older Railroader, you most likely have seen this mans art many times. Yep, he was getting paid by the hour, while he drew on the sides of cars. LOL

Drawing by the Carknocker
I doubt you will ever see a more uncordinated box car if you tried, LOL.

Hills Scene with track

I just started drawing this scene at random, when it came to me, that it resembles very much a scene, I have looked upon many times, when I repaired Coal Cars at Georgia Powers Plant Wansley. Some where in the back of my mind, I guess I was remembering that. I realize it isn't very good art, but it gets the point across.

Fence Post Illusion of distance

This one is truly a fictional place in my mind. It's just a random drawing, that began as a picture of a barn. I added a kid hanging on the fence, waving at the train. That's something, I have seen many times. Kids waving at us, when we passed them, was a common occurance. This picture is 600 by 800 pixels, so I set it as my desktop background.

An unusual view of a railroad crossing. I will call it waiting at the crossing.

A drawing tittled Where am I?
I call this one, Where Am I.
This Page: © Copyright 2005, 2006, 2007, byWalter Parks, "Carknocker" and Retired Railway Carman: