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I often get Emails worthy of being shared with my readers and Guest.
So from time to time, I will add a few here.

Walter, I didn't know that track 4 was gone. Also I didn't know that the stock pen had been torn down. A lot of changes in the last 4 years. The puller motor between track 4 & 5, when I was there was used for track 4. In the beginning it might have been for track 5 - wash-out track. I was working on 4 the last time it every pulled a car in. The Foreman was shoving a car in from the south end with the puller rabbit in the up position behind a car. When the coupling was made and the shove following, the last word the system every spoke was a loud crashing sound as the fly wheel came apart sending shrapnel flying every where. Had there not been a cover over it someone could have gotten hurt. As the cable became tighter it snapped and all hell broke loose. It was never fixed and after that day we had to push cars in with the crane car or fork lift. Thanks for the memory,    Jim Hyatt

Rip Track Video 2-20-2009      Video can also be seen here   The Rip Track

Wed, 18 Feb 2009
I have really enjoyed your site, and like you said if you dont like your job well you need to do somthing else. I love my job and I look foward every day I get up, and go to work. I tried for years to get a railroad job, and I finally got it. I drove a truck for 9 years, and hated it looking at all the Railroad tracks beside the highway, and knowing what I wanted to do, and what I was made for, and put here on earth to do. I have been trained as a Conductor for the Georgia Central RR, and now I am qualifying to be an Engineer. David Winans is trained me to be a switchman, and Conductor, and he is a ledgend. He started in the L.A. Junction and went to the SP, and then the UP before coming to the Georgia Central in 1990. But I could write a book on what he has told me, and taught me, and the knowledge he has taught me with my job is the reason I love my job. Thank you for your service, and I am proud to call you a brother. Thank you.   Tim McCoy

Feb. 10-2009 2009
Hello Walter,
Enjoyed the videos on the Roosevelt....it sure brings back memories. I volunteered on the Roosevelt from early 2004 to early 2006 and enjoyed it. I was the track man and lead locomotive engineer. I was a clerk for NS in CYO at the time and we had been living in Jonesboro since 1999. In July 2006 I took a carknocker's job in Savannah so we could move back home. I ran (and worked on) that line many, many a day.....rail replacment, crossing clearing, crosstie replacement, you name it. Enjoyed running the excursion trains the most. From noon to dark, back and forth, with hardly any breaks I enjoyed it that much, just ask Elton!! To see the looks in the childrens faces during the runs was an added bonus. Even had a few kids ride in the cab with me while I ran..........you would have thought they were on the 611 or 1218!!! Ive been looking at your site for a while now..........really like reading your carknocker stories. Havent been a carknocker hardly 3 years now and I probably have a few of my own. Until next time,
Jared Blocker
NS student (set up) carknocker
Dillard Yard, Savannah, GA

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Question:--Which one is the Fish? LOL

      Walt, I finally graduated from the railroad. I had a good run of 37 years, and we parted company with mixed feelings. I loved my time railroading, and have plenty of memories, some of which I will share with you at different times. As you may know I love to fish, and want to travel a little. Here is a picture or two from my early exploits. Myself and my wife Rena' at Key West, and a little fish I pulled out of the river. I also did a small remodeling project of our bathroom. I added a fan and a new seat. Nothing but the best. I'll write from time to time to tell a story, or let you know how things are going. Until then the adventure continues.

Walt,   I loved the Flat Creek story. Scary.     When I said good by to the railroad, I was one of the few by then to have loved his job. I worked in the new Austell yard. Over the years I made plenty of friends on the NS, and I knew that I would miss them dearly. It was indeed my time to go, but It was with a heavy heart as I knew I was leaving my friends. I have found lots to do, and my retired life is great but on that last day when you say goodby to people you spend most of your life with there is that unseen tug as you close the door for the last time. Thats what I mean by mixed feelings. As for the outhouse picture, I was just cutting up a little.Most folks don't even know what a good outhouse is but judging from your reaction to my pictures YOU may still have one in use!!! (Just a joke)

See Tims Remodeling Project.             Moon Light View from my back porch

From: Eileen Smith
Subject: North Olean History, To: walter

Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 9:15 AM

      Walter, thanks for signing my North Olean History guest book and leaving that nice comment. Well, I finally got on your website this morning, and I love it. It is so interesting that I bookmarked it so I can get back to it easily. This has made my day, well because my husband had brain surgery and is the hospital 80 miles away, and I was kinda down this morning, so I thought that I would check out your website. Since I love railroad stories, and information about railroads, I am looking forward checking out all of your website.

      There is a Railroad museum at Salamanca, NY that I enjoy visiting and the young railroad fellow there was friendly as well as interesting. I always lived near the railroads here in North Olean, near the junction of the Pennsy and Erie Railroads and the Erie Depot was just down the street from my parents home. I remember all the old engines blowing out the black smoke and putting a layer of soot on the washing hanging on the line, then the newer deisel engines, then one sad day it was all gone. No more trains, depot demolished, and just the lonely old tracks with weeds growing between them.

      My husband became a boiler maker at the old Pennsy roundhouse back in 1944, left for WWII and returned in 1946 to resume that job. He used to repair the fire boxes in the engines, came home covered with soot. Those days are gone.

      My grandfather worked for the Pennsy also as a conductor, I know from the old railroad stories that I found in the newspaper just how dangerous working on the railroad was. The railroads are coming back here in North Olean, I love to listen to their whistle sound.

      I also put up my website to make an attempt to tell the stories of what North Olean was like back in the 1850's when it all begun and just what life was like back then. I do have more info than I could possibly put on the internet. but once again, your website is terrific and I will certainly read it over and over and the U tube is great along with the music. Thanks,    Eileen Smith

Reply To: Eileen
      Eileen, Thanks very much for the kind and well writen email. Its a joy to read an email when it comes from someone, as well versed as yourself. I am sure you are down a bit if you are going through all that with your husbands surgery. Lifes pressures can be very trying. My Dad went through brain surgery a few years before he died. He came out of it fine, He was a bit hard to deal with for a week or two. He even whacked on one of the nurses with his cane, and we caught him trying to sneak out of the hospital, via the elevator, to catch a Taxi to Lord know where.

      I hope all the best for your Husbands recovery and wish you all the strength in the world, to cope with it all. I will say a prayer to make it so.

      I will just bet that you have some great memories of life around the old Railroad, If you would like to share them with us sometime, I would love to post some them on my Web Site. Your are a marvelous story teller.

      Question for you. Would you mind if I shared this email on my web site? I want to start a page on just emails from people. I think it will generate some intrest from my readers. I would also like to add a link to you web site in it, so people might be more likely to find it and read some of your stuff. Thanks very much for the kind words about this web site. Please consider me as a Friend. If you ever need to just chat dont hesitate to drop us a line now and then. Best Wishes Mrs. Eileen,...

Her reply,
      Walter, Yes to both of your requests. I know that people love to just read my guest book. It is made up of every day people if you know what I mean. Thank you once again for your kind words.    Eileen

Note to those who read this Email
      Eileens Web Site is    North Olean History.    She is in Olean New York. I found it very interesting reading. Its well worth your taking the time to check it out. There are lots of pages there to read. I really got a kick out of all the old Pennsylvania Railroad Pictures posted on the Pennsylvania Railroad page in her Gallery. Great picture of an old Steam Engine there as well.

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