TRAIN WATCHING----I created this page just so we can watch several virtual trains run in a continous loop. I worked on this page for a long time and it is still a work in progress. if you are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may not be able to view them. Try and count how many Trains, I have running on this page. I kept adding them and it's hard to keep up with. LOL!!

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derrick and boom carderrick and boom carlocomotive                                                                                                                  box carauto rackbox cartank carlocomotive                  
                                    locomotivelocomotiveload of lumberload of lumberload of lumbertank car

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                                                                                                 smoke image

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    RX7 image
Locomotive                                                                                                          box carauto rackbox cartank carlocomotive                
    locomotivelocomotiveload of lumberload of lumberload of lumbertank cartank cartank cartank car

About this page

The first scene brings several things to mind as I sit and watch it. I can see in my minds eye, a view of the Ford Plant on Central Ave. in Hapeville Ga. I can see a view of the BOP Yard at Chamblee Ga., looking toward the General motors Plant. I see a view of many Train Yards, I worked in over the years. The second scene reminds me of several places. I cant believe the hours, I spent creating this page. But I learned quite a bit about html coding doing it. The Carknocker is definately using some of his idle time. LOL

In searching the Web, I started noticing sites with this type of virtual trains running on them. After studying their sites for a considerable amount of time, and studying how by visiting the web site,, I decided,to try and create a scene of my own. What you see on this page, is my first, but probably not my last attempt to do so. In creating this Art work, I have incorporated the GIF images of other Artist's drawings of minitures rail cars, into my drawings I will credit their art work, by adding links to their sites, to my links page. I have created some drawings, myself, and It is amazing, the amount of hours it takes to create them, so without the help of using other peoples drawings, I likely would never get this page up and running.

If you are intrested in doing something like this on you web site, or if you just want to see their work, look for links to, Ed Bindlers Gifs, Dans Round House Gifs, Frog Rail Gifs, Railmation, Ricks Monon, Rahns Gifs, Dans Depot, Toms Western Gif. The list is larger but that will get you started.

I will probably add things to this page, unless I exceed my band width doing this. If you want to dicsuss this page regarding the use of GIFs, or anything else, email me at and everything on it, unless otherwise noted: © Copyright 2008, 2009 by Walter Parks, "Carknocker" and Retired Railway Carman.